FLISOL Caracas

The Latin American Free Software Install Party (FLISOL) will take place in 12 countries of the continent, including Cuba, and featuring Argentina and Colombia. In Venezuela, it’s happening in ten cities in several regions of the Country, including Los Andes, Los Llanos, the Central Region and the Paraguaná Peninsula. I’m organizing the event in Caracas, which already has a webpage (in spanish)

FLISOL will take place on March 25th, a Saturday, but in several cities of Venezuela we will have a two-day event. In Caracas, it will happen on Friday and Saturday. We will feature hands-on workshops and demonstrations (featuring a Debian GNU/Linux hands-on workshop), a Keysigning Party (it won’t be massive, though) and a Web Frameworks and Application Servers Forum, featuring Rails, Catalyst, J2EE, and Zope.

I expected David to be in Caracas for the FLISOL, but he’s gonna travel to San Cristóbal to participate in their FLISOL. I don’t expect a big attendance to the event (the Auditorium of the Science and Technology Ministry, the main sponsor, has capacity for circa 200 people) but I hope it becomes a fresh event, different from those we’re used to.

This will be, also, a good preparation for the World Forum on Free Knowledge, the National Free Software Congress and the DebConf. I hope the main topic on the FLISOL will be the recent, terrible, awful, and completely disgusting Ubuntu security flaw.


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