News from the KSP

After reading this thread in debconf-discuss, I think we all agree in the following items:

  • Madduck’s a cracker. He sleeps inside his fake ID one hour a day (which is the total time he sleeps). The magic fake ID also has anti-agening properties and increases your karma.
  • Enrico’s Advocate is the Devil (but only in the Transylvanian Republic) but is currently too busy figuring out an Inquisition model for the DCG
  • Since DC7, we’ll be introducing the new term Web of Untrust. It’s a big web made of crazy glue where we will throw the people with fake ID’s. Afterwards we can throw honey at them and eat some popco while watching the ants eating them.
  • Next year orga will include a large wooden stick so you can hit anyone approaching you without a valid DNA report confirmed by at least three NATO countries, as required by the new GNU Hermit Privacy model. RMS will be selling his signatures for your Hermit Key, cost 50 MXN.
  • Next DC KSP organizer will be Pancho Villa
  • Most people will get their keys signed by Manoj manyana. Please wait seated.

Now seriously, I think the whole point behind key signing is, as Holger philosophed about and Vorlon answered, to know who is the guy behind the key. If I sign your key, I won’t trust you and give you my money for you to keep it, but if I had to do this and you steal me, I can blame you. And the whole point behind a party is to have fun. So it’s a time to take profit of a useful tool while having fun, so please don’t panic.


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