The magnets

While being in Mexico City, I walked around downtown and several other places of the city. One of this places was a block full of chinese restaurants which resulted to be (guess what) the Chinatown in Mexico City.

Besides the real cheap buffet deals (60 MEX -> 6 USD -> 12000 VEB) in chinese food, I found a street seller (which in Venezuela is called a buhonero but I’m not sure how they call it in Mexico) which was selling all kind of chinese overstock stuff. This usually includes those kitties with chinese eyes, and the little bells painted, and maybe some handcrafted sticks… but this guy was throwing a pair of magnets in the air while selling this stuff. The magnets made an incredible sound when they attracted themselves in the air and bounced. I asked if those were on sale (of course, it’s Latin America) and I bought a pair for 20 MEX.

While in home, I was playing around with the magnets, impressed by the power they had (in my first term in the University I had to made a maglev train and we spent hard time finding good magnets to show the different forms of generating magnetic fields). If you place one of these magnets in the floor and approach to it with the other at, say, 10 centimeters, the other magnet starts moving away really fast (and chaotically, also)

One of the most interesting parts of the magnet stuff was making both of them to spin about 7 centimeters apart. One of them stops at some time and starts spinning again just by the magnetic fields they produce. Of course you can play all sort of stuff like making a dog chase a magnet around a table while you “move” it with the other magnet under the table.

All the fun stuff has a bad part, of course. I was hanging around with the magnets around my home and then my girlfriend found out “weird” purple spots in all the televisions and monitors around the place. Damn magnets!


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