On BTS’s merge action

Yesterday I was making some operations on the BTS Control Server and found some nice behaviours that I already reported to owner, and Don answered right the way.

If you use reportbug to make an ITP (because, err, you want to) it will say that your mail should be cc’ed to debian-devel, per Policy. It will also cc the report to your address. So yesterday I made an ITP and the mail went out with the following headers:

From: Jose Parrella <joseparrella cantv.net>...X-Debbugs-Cc: <debian-devel lists.debian.org>

Everything ok. When it arrived to the BTS, a new header appeared:

Resent-CC: <debian-devel lists.debian.org>, <wnpp debian.org>, jose parrella <joseparrella cantv.net>

Notice my lowered-case name. I didn’t notice this, and I was merging bugs later, but the merge operation failed because of a case-sensitive mismatch between “Jose Parrella” and “jose parrella”. So there’s an incongruence in what happens when it tries to get the owner from the pseudo headers and when you try to set it through Control Bugs. At least if you use reportbug, be careful if your name is being lc’ed since merges will fail.


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