CNSL 2 Caracas

I flooded the Planet just by upgrading WordPress.

So this weekend it’s happening in Caracas. The National Free Software Congress (CNSL) arrives to the capital in the second edition of the only nation-wide Free Software event. It will take place on Colegio Universitario de Caracas, in La Floresta, near the Indian Embassy, France Square and other nice landmarks of the city.

The event is promoted by GLoVE, a national NGO which is currently organizing the CNSL and hosting several Linux User Groups (the whole list here in spanish, follow the links) including CHASLUG, the Free Software Users Group for the Young. I’m part of the group, but it’s currently run by three guys under 18.

As in FLISOL Caracas, this will be a themed event featuring two days of conferences, keynote speakers, workgroups, expositions, installation festival and security related events. The first day is aimed to Free Software in Society, including presentations from govement officials related to recent activities towards the Country migration.

As Enrico pointed it in debconf-discuss and debian-project, some recent activities have been tuing stronger the Free Software migration process in Venezuela. The announcement from the Department of Science and Technology of the mass capacitation of the citizens in the usage of computers featuring the Gnome Desktop Environment took everyone by surprise. Numbers are varying, being the more conservative around 400.000 people having their first computer relationship with Free Software, GNU/Linux and Gnome. Distribution? I haven’t see it yet, but most likely it will be Debian (the whole Department is using Debian)

Saturday will also feature some conferences from community members about their experience on Free Software usage and how they can change the way people communicate and act with each other, specially noting the nationwide speech from Octavio Rossell about Free Software and GNU/Linux and the interesting presentation from Efraím Márquez-Arreaza on Business Models. Finally, on saturday, renowned economist Felipe Pérez-Martí will be presenting his work Game Theory Applied to the Free Software Development Model.

Sunday will be a hands-on day, like in FLISOL Caracas. The main speeches focus on development, featuring experienced programmers on PHP, Perl and Mono presenting Web and Desktop development tendencies in those programming languages. We will also feature an Ajax presentation and three workgroups about Linux Distributions, Web Development and Free Software and Education.

On special guests, CNSL Caracas is proud to announce the visit of two fellow partners from IEEE Colombia: Erika Luque and Jeffrey Borbón from the District University of Bogotá, and the special conference from Rafael Núñez, who was apprehended in Miami, FL (US) for the massive attack of 679 servers in 2001, one of whom was the Air Force Training System in Colorado. He was also accused of attacking the Department of Defense servers and stealing confidential data from NASA. He made seven months of prision in Denver after declaring himself guilty of all charges and having the Judge to look on evidence of his work against child poography with the Venezuelan CICPC. (more info in spanish)

On the security side, Sunday will host the second Key Signing Party (guidelines in spanish here) and the first CACert assurance in Venezuela. We made the first KSP in CNSL Aragua (where I had the opportunity to speak about Debian and make a hands-on session on Marvelous Debian) with about 10 people. This time we’re aiming to something between 25 and 50 people. This is the first event promoting security culture in our Country and hopefully it will have a warm welcome in the public.

Caracas will also be the inflexion point of the Congress, which will now travel to the Easte part of the Country, usually forgotten by all the hacktivists in Venezuela. In states Sucre, Monagas and Bolívar people is ready to have their first contact with free software through this Congress and hopefully next year the Congress will have a venue in each state of the Country (including the two most inhabited by natives, Delta Amacura and Amazonas)

If you’re in Caracas, you’re welcome to pass by after registering (it’s free as in who cares) and if you’re not, you’re welcome to listen to the streaming that will be announced here. See you there!


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