Several stuff

WebGUI and DateTime::Cron::Simple

If you use WebGUI and feel conceed about the removal of DateTime::Cron::Simple (due to license, or more precisely, non-license issues promptly noticed by Eesto Heández-Novich), you can use DateTime::Cron::Parser, which has a compatible API. Since more people were interested in rewriting the module, an official discussion at the DateTime mailing list is going on, and therefore this module does not aim to be an official replacement. Some people point out that DateTime::Event::Cron might do what’s needed here with a little tweaking and patching. Choose what you need.

MiniDebConf in Venezuela

If you are subscribed to debian-devel-announce, you might have read (eng) about the Venezuelan Minidebconf, taking place from October 14th. in Maturin. While this is not the first event we organize (we’ve celebrated the Debian Day two years in a row, nation-wide) we’re pretty excited about having inteational visitors participating with us in a joint effort to promote collaboration with Debian. If you’re interested in following the event, you can take a look at the Wikipage (eng). Every comment and collaboration is greatly appreciated.


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