Axesstel, Inc.: FOAD

Yesterday I wrote in Planet Debian requesting information on how to copy binary files to a Linux-based Axesstel modem. Meanwhile, I wrote Axesstel Customer Service with a friendly thank you for making a great product and kindly asking them for pointers. I’ve had some degree of satisfaction when writing to the Customer Services of several enterprises, and I really hoped this would be another one.48 hours later, they replied with this message:

Dear Customer,First, thank you very much for purchasing Axesstel product and your kind feedback.Unfortunately, we cannot released requested information because it is against security policy. We hope for your understanding.Also, we recommend that you refrain yourself from accessing inteal commands of the unit because it may violated service agreement enforced by your local service provider. Once again, thank you for your understanding.Axesstel SupportSo, if you have an Axesstel modem or if you are interested on having a free OS in your Axesstel, you may join the Laxative project in BerliOS or just make some noise in your blog, webpages or mailing lists with your Axesstel-related projects.If you happen to work at a place where you export your Security Policy to any aspect of your relationship with your customers and where you tell them to refrain themselves of trying to improve your products for free, please read on about Open Source Hardware and its business models. It might be the time to start sharing information and sleeping without guilt 🙂


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