Showcasing LaTeX Beamer

Should you ever need to decide between the most common themes and color themes of LaTeX Beamer shipped with FOSS distributions, take a look at the following code:

for theme in AnnArbor Antibes Bergen Berkeley Berlin Boadilla boxes CambridgeUS Copenhagen Darmstadt default Dresden Frankfurt Goettingen Hannover Ilmenau JuanLesPins Luebeck Madrid Malmoe Marburg Montpellier PaloAlto Pittsburgh Rochester Singapore Szeged Warsawdofor color in albatross beaver beetle crane dolphin dove fly lily orchid rose seagull seahorse sidebartab structure whale wolverinedo        mkdir work        sed s/#theme#/$theme/ demo.tex | sed s/#color#/$color/ > work/$theme$color.tex        cd work        pdflatex -interaction batchmode -job $theme$color $theme$color.tex        mv *pdf ../        cd ..        rm -rf workdonedone

With a demo LaTeX file such as:

documentclass{beamer}usepackage[spanish]{babel}usepackage[T1]{fontenc}usepackage{ae,aecompl}usepackage{textcomp}usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}usepackage{lmode}usepackage{ulem}usetheme{#theme#}usecolortheme{#color#}title{LaTeX Beamer Theme Demonstration}author{José Miguel Parrella Romero}begin{document}frame{        titlepage}frame{        frametitle{UTF-8 Título}        begin{block}{A block}                Looks like this.        end{block}        begin{block}{Another block}                begin{itemize}                        item This is a list.                        item Indeed!                end{itemize}        end{block}}end{document}

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