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Today we had the opportunity to be part of a very important event: Venezuela’s final meeting on DIS 29500 fast-tracking. Even though we’re working on this matter since 2007, and we weren’t approved official participation as a community, we managed to be there today. There was a strong discussion; and we had our chance to participate. I believe we were welcomed by the NB and hopefully we, as a community, can be part of future discussions in a very constructive way. Thanks again to all the committee members and our NB who made it possible for us to participate today.

From: "FONDONORMA" <>To: <brannon@...>, <takahashi@...>, <gaillen@...>, <>Subject: Modification to the vote on DIS 29500 - Venezuela (FONDONORMA)Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 14:04:26 -0430(snip) Venezuela wishes to modify its position on DIS 29500 (snip)(snip) from Approval with comments to Disapproval with comments.

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