DC10 on NYC!

So, DebConf 10 will be held in New York City! Congratulations to the NYC bid team, now DC10 local team, which managed to provide a sound proposal for 2010. As time allows it, I’ll be happy to help out and be there!

I’d also like to congratulate Boston’s bid, who provided an outstanding proposal, and also the rest of Quito’s team, whose bid I led: I think we provided an extraordinary bid to host an important event as DebConf in an amazing city as Quito, and as long as we can keep guaranteeing extraordinary quality, we’ll be glad to present the bid for future DebConfs.

Finally, the decision was taken after a long meeting, where we as a Project leat useful things for future decision meetings. So, DC11 bidders, keep up the good work and enjoy the ride!


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