Using arrays instead of hashes in MARC::Field constructor

Whenever you’re creating a MARC field using Perl’s excelent MARC::Field module, you can always use an array instead of a hash in order to specify subfield/data pairs. This is useful since some field/subfield combinations in MARC are repeatable, and the POD leads you to writing hashes for storing subfield/data pairs before creating the field. For example, the POD says:

my $field = MARC::Field->new(     245, '1', '0',     'a' => 'Raccoons and ripe co / ',     'c' => 'Jim Aosky.');

But this is also valid and works:

my @array = ('a', 'Raccoons and ripe co /', 'c', 'Jim Aosky.', 'k', 'typescript, 'k', 'diaries');my $field = MARC::Field->new ( 245 , '1', '0', @array );

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