Importing your PGP keyrings in Windows

Recently I had to encrypt some mails using Mozilla Thunderbird 3 in Microsoft Windows, and I wondered if it was possible to import my existing public and private keyrings from Debian into Windows.

And yes, thanks to WinSCP (GPL), GnuPG (GPL) and Enigmail (dual MPL/GPL), it’s a breeze.

Using WinSCP you can securely transfer the .gnupg/pubring.gpg, .gnupg/secring.gpg, .gnupg/trustdb.gpg files from your Linux profile into the %APPDATA%gnupg directory.

Then, given a Thunderbird setup with the Enigmail extension installed, and GnuPG also installed, it’s just a matter of running the Wizard under the “OpenPGP” menu inside Thunderbird.

If you have mail identities already setup, the sec/pub key combination for those identities will be enabled. Then it’s business as usual with Enigmail.


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