Gmail and Lockdown in Sector 4

Update: Slashdot’s running a story on Self Hosted Gmail AlteativesI’ve had a Gmail account for years now, and I migrated from Yahoo! instead of Hotmail unlike most people out there.At that time, I thought how useful and innovative Google was. A few years later, I ignored the fact that little innovation was done in Gmail comforting myself with the thought of being a geek and a hacker who could be proud of a crappy interface. When privacy issues arised, I said so what? and thought that it was fair Google made money from me since I didn’t paid anything and I didn’t need to hide any secrets.Oh, I was so wrong.Unconsciously, I guess I was aware of what could happen in the future, so years ago I setup my own e-mail server with my personal domain and IMAP access for my Thunderbird and mobile clients.Shortly after, I started using fetchmail to get my mails on my own mail server. Heck, my personal mail architecture had bits tested on enterprise grade systems and even some friends were making money with such setups!And then I also abandoned Google Talk and never considered Calendar or other Google Apps. I didn’t even made a public Google profile, since they weren’t even known back in the days. And so I stopped using the Gmail Web Interface. And that pissed Google. A lot.A few months ago, I had my first dreaded Lockdown in Sector 4 message. See, Google can deny you access to your mail messages if you don’t use their Web to see their ads. They can and they will. They will also try to say you’re violating their TOS, or that they have blocked you for your safetyWhen this Lockdown occurs, you get no IMAP access for hours. Maybe in a day you get access back and a few minutes later you get locked down again. This has happened to me routinely in the last weeks, and during the last days, I’ve hardly received any mails. Talk about reliability!Try to reach Google and you’ll find a wall. Eventually you get a contact form, which I’ve filled twice with no confirmation at all and of course, no replies.So I’ve had it with Google. Do no evil? Right. I’ve been moving my mail streams to my own mail server and plan on moving to a forward-only scenario with Gmail. I’ve opted out of lots of their services now.And I will offer free online guidance to anyone who wants to setup their own Linux based mail service.Posted from WordPress for Mobile


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