Parking your bike in Quito

I’ve been riding a bike for two weeks now to commute to work in Quito. When you start doing so, you become aware of the amount of people actually using bikes to get around (especially in holiday season or whenever there’s traffic) and of course, where you can park your bike in the city.

Here are some spots I’ve found:

1. Quicentro Shopping, there’s a bike rack next to the weste exit of the shopping in S1. Go down the ramp on the main entrance, tu left twice and it’s behind the wall. An attendant will give you a ticket for your bike.
2. Mall El Jardín, there’s a bike rack on the parking entrance by Av. República. You’ll have to get a ticket at the machine (with the attendant) and walk with your bike (no riding allowed inside the parking)
3. CCI, there’s a bike rack on the parking by Av. Amazonas, right in front of Martinizing and the pet shop. I’m not sure if you have to get a ticket for your bike.
4. Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre, you have to park your bike with the motorcycles, the spot is between the National and Inteational terminals, by the aisle. No tickets and no surveillance besides the cops that are around the airport.
5. UNICEF/United Nations on Av. Amazonas (right across the street from El Jardín) there’s a bike rack infront of the UNICEF Store. No surveillance, no tickets.
6. I saw a few racks in La Carolina, especially around the parkings in the southe part of the park near the Lake.
7. My Bike, this store in Tomás de Berlanga has, of course, a bike parking by the entrance.

I will update this with other parking spots, but here are some tips:

1. In the malls, the racks are usually by the entrance or exits where attendants work. They give you a ticket for your bike, make sure they take appropriate notice of any details on your bike. If in doubt, ask. Usually the mall doesn’t want to be liable or get bad press (as El Jardín) from bikers.
2. Wherevere there aren’t bike parkings, go for the motorcycle parking. For example, Edificio La Previsora in Amazonas and Naciones Unidas has a modest parking for motorcycles right in front of Registro Civil. Try not to fully use the motorcycle space, especially in busy days.
3. Always remember to take with you your water bottle, bike seat (if detachable) and any other easily removable accesory, and of course lock up your bike. Of course I’ve forgot some of those in the bike and nothing happened, but in general if I don’t risk it in Caracas, I don’t risk it in Quito, to be on the safe side.
4. If nothing else available, try to find a parking spot for cars near the coers where there are pipes and ducts, see if you can attach to it and not bother the cars, you could always find surprises such as El Caracol where there are little attachment places for bikes and motorcycles between car spots in the first basement near the doors.



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