Ciclopaseo in Quito: route to the South

As you might know, I’ve been riding a bike in Quito since December. I
did Christmas shopping with it, and I ride to work with it as well.
Since I also started running, I haven’t done anything more fun with
it, as my park visits are for walking and running.

On Saturday, Aile told me about Heritage Nights on bike, an activity
by Biciaccion where they join the walking Heritage Nights of the City
of Quito. As I haven’t ride that much during the night and I was alone
I passed but promised to go to today’s Ciclopaseo.

This is an exclusive route closed from north to south during daylight
on sundays, and I have used it to move around but haven’t actually run
the course.

I decided to go downtown, crossing the entire Amazonas avenue and the
Ejido and Alameda parks, then down via the Trole lane, up the Cuesta
de Los Suspiros and then Venezuela towards the Solanda bridge on La
Ronda, where there’s a new boulevard.

That was my mental finish line, and there was actually a great deal of
activity there, signing petitions, dance therapy and typical food but
one of the volunteers told me to reach to the end of Ciclopaseo down

It was a smooth ride where I managed climbs fairly well (mostly on my
way back) and incredible photo opportunities appeared everywhere.

All along the Ciclopaseo there’s constant presence of volunteers,
mechanical support, eventual police presence and hydration which is
really cool since I don’t have to carry the burden of the cooler.

Great 2hr+ ride with 132 bpm avg and top 165 bpm, 1hr30 in zone.
Definitely recommended.



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