Instant Debian – Build a Web Server is now available

During the past few months I worked on a book project with Packt to make it easier for people new to Debian to leverage it for Web-based applications. I’m happy to announce that Instant Debian – Build a Web Server is now available. Although it is not my first project with Packt (I’ve reviewed some nginx books before) it is the first one that I’m authoring, and I’m already working on some new projects.

I had the fortune of having a senior leader that I deeply respect from the Debian Project as my technical reviewer, and the full support of the Packt team. The motivation for the book is simple: in a world of elastic clouds, simpler NoSQL’s and explosive growth, developers, sysadmins and business leaders are less concerned about the operating system and more about their time-to-market. In this book, I use my 10-year experience with Debian to provide a simpler path to a solid Web platform.

In fact, all of my immediate writing projects are related to most of those low-hanging fruits that add incredible value to business decision makers in the broader technology conversations of todays: elasticity, information security and privacy and performance. In a way, this book answers the “why” I get from the business side when explaining technical decisions related to Debian: why use noexec in /tmp, why use codenames in sources.list for APT, why use sudo, etc. – only with a goal: reduce time-to-market.

This is a beginner’s book. If you haven’t heard about Debian before, and would like to leverage virtualization or cloud technologies to create a “template” for your Web deployment, Instant Debian – Build a Web Server will provide exactly that, while exploring the rationales and laying a solid foundation for you to continue exploring the system.


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