My name is José Miguel Parrella. I’m an open source enthusiast that specializes in bringing technology to market. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years; using, developing, promoting and making a living out of Linux-based solutions and open source software.


I was born and raised in Venezuela, with strong family roots in Catalunya (Spain) and have been an expat for almost 10 years, living in Ecuador and the United States.

I’m a Debian Developer and enjoy working with APT-based distribution architectures. I’ve built a number of distros, one of which has over 3.5M users today.

I was also a CTO and partner in a small open source system integrator, shipping products and delivering projects for private and public sector customers in the Americas, all with Linux and open source. I also enjoy Perl, libtech and other areas where open source is driving innovation.

I work for Microsoft, and everything I write here and everywhere else is my opinion, not that of Microsoft or any former or future employer or organization I’ve been associated with.

Writing & speaking

I keep this blog mostly for historical reasons, but I post when I feel there’s a more personal story to tell or a gap that I can fill in my native language (Spanish) since this blog is syndicated by a number of open source blog aggregators.

I also post on Medium where I focus on broader industry topics.

I’ve presented in conferences everywhere from India to Argentina, and I make available most decks and/or recordings on my OneDrive. Your feedback is always welcome.


Any opinion stated in this blog is personal, and does not reflect those of my employer, any organizations I take part of or any other individual.

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