I’m José Miguel Parrella (JMP, bureado)

An open source enthusiast that specializes in bringing complex technology portfolios to market, whether building and leading communities, creating policy, advising strategy, driving businesses or building solutions, open source has been central to my career.


Born and raised in Venezuela with family roots in Catalunya (Spain), me and my family have been expats for almost 10 years, living in Ecuador and the United States. I’m currently based in the Greater Seattle area.

I’m a Debian Developer, therefore particularly keen to APT. I’ve built and architected a number of derivatives, one of which has 3.5M+ users today. I also enjoy Perl, libtech and other areas where open source is driving innovation such as infosec and blockchain.

Today, I’m an Open Source Product Manager for Microsoft Azure. I’ve worked on open source strategy at Microsoft since 2010. If it’s about open source in the cloud, you’ll find me behind papers, market intel, roadmaps, launchescollages, slides, demos and cameras.

Everything I write here or elsewhere is my opinion, not that of Microsoft or any former (and probably future) employer or organization I’ve been associated with.

Writing & speaking

I’m most active on Twitter, and while I don’t write here very often I tend to do so in Spanish, or at least for a Spanish-speaking audience since the blog is syndicated across Latin America. I have two published books, a quick start guide on Debian and a book on parenting.

I’ve presented in open source related conferences across the globe from Argentina to India, and I make available most decks and/or recordings on my OneDrive or GitHub.

Your feedback is always welcome: get in touch!

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