Hi, I'm JMP!

I'm an open source enthusiast that specializes in bringing complex technology portfolios to market and is passionate about building bridges. I'm a Venezuelan expat of Catalan roots: I was born in Caracas, lived in Quito and I'm now based in Seattle.

As a Debian Developer I have built a number of derivatives, one of which has 3.5M+ users today. My current research focus is post-modern package management but my technical background ranges from Perl, OpenLDAP and libtech to high availability, clustering and cloud-native technologies.

I started with open source in high school as a volunteer for Mozilla's i18n/l10n efforts, and started with Linux shortly after. Over the last 15 years I've worked with open source in the public, private and defense sectors. I've deployed Linux and open source-based backoffices for large organizations, led portfolio and technical staff as the CTO of a consulting firm, built and launched products, created communities, debated standards, hosted events and influenced public policy.

I've worked at Microsoft since 2010. Opinions are my own.