I work in the Office of the Microsoft Azure CTO.

I joined Microsoft in 2010 and have worked on open source strategy and initiatives since day 1. If it’s about open source in the cloud, you’ll find me behind papers, market intel, roadmaps, proof-of-concepts, launches, collages, slides, demos, or cameras.


I'm not a native English speaker, but I enjoy writing both for technical and general audiences. I particularly like DEV.TO as a platform for technical audiences, and I'm otherwise very active on my GitHub gists and on Twitter.

Here are some things I've been writing about recently:
I've also written a couple short books, including an Instant Debian: Build a Web Server title and more things in Spanish.

TALKS, interviews & webinars

Most decks and/or recordings of conferences, keynotes, sessions and webinars I’ve delivered from Argentina to India are on my OneDrive, with a few over at Scribd or SpeakerDeck. Here are a few highlights: